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1. What is SME Corp. Malaysia and its functions?

The Small and Medium Enterprise Corporation Malaysia (SME Corp. Malaysia) was formerly known as Small and Medium Industries Development Corporation (SMIDEC). It is an agency under the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development (MED)



 a. Coordination of policies and programmes

  • Formulate broad SME policies across all sectors
  • Coordinate, monitor and evaluate effective implementation of policies and programmes across relevant Ministries and Agencies

 b. Centre on advisory and information

  • Provide business advisory through the “SME Business Advisory Centre”
  • Disseminate information on Government funds and incentives on SMEs
  • Channel for feedback on SME issues
  • Liaison for domestic and international communities on SME matters

 c. Management of Data, dissemination of information AND Research on SMEs

  • Manage National SME Database
  • Undertake research on SMEs
  • Publish SME-related reports and statistics
  • Undertake outreach programmes

 d. Business Support 

  • Nurture and develop competitive SMEs through specific capacity building programmes and financial assistance
  • Enhance competitiveness of SMEs using the SME Competitiveness Rating for Enhancement (SCORE) diagnostic tool
  • Provide infrastructure support for SMEs
  • Facilitate linkages with large companies and MNCs

 e. Secretariat to the National SME Development Council (NSDC)

  • Propose policies and ensure decisions of NSDC are effectively implemented
  • Provide administrative support for NSDC


2. What is the definition of SMEs?


Please refer here for more details.


3. What are activities defined under the manufacturing related services?


Manufacturing related services:

  • Engineering support services such as calibration, electroplating, machining, heat treatment, metal casting, metal forging;
  • Specialised services such as warehousing, bulk breaking, international procurement center, haulage;
  • Maintenance and repair of factory machinery and equipment;
  • Software development.
  • Automation of production line;
  • Design houses; and
  • Packaging services


4. Where can I get assistance and other incentives apart from those that are provided by SME Corp. Malaysia and other MED agencies?


There are also assistance provided by other Ministries and agencies such as:


5. How can SME Corp. Malaysia assist my company?


SME Corp. Malaysia provides:

  • Program Pembangunan PKS 

New program launched at 2011:

6. Apart from grants, what are other financing facilities offered by the Government?


Loans are also offered by the following institutions:

  • Bank Pertanian Malaysia
  • SME Bank
  • Malaysian Industrial Development Finance Bhd.


7. What are other ministries involved in the development of SMEs?


List of Ministries:


8. Which bank provides micro finance?

Please refer here to get list of banks that provide micro finance.


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SME Corporation Malaysia,
Level 6, SME 1, Block B 
Platinum Sentral
Jalan Stesen Sentral 2
Kuala Lumpur Sentral
50470 Kuala Lumpur.

Info Line: 1300-30-6000
Fax Line: 03-2775 6001

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