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ASEAN Pathfinder Project

ASEAN Pathfinder Project is derived from the realization that there is a huge gap between high level decision making and ground level implementation. At high level policy, AEC seems to be a reality. However, the companies that want to expand regionally face many different challenges and problems.

The big disconnect is due to lots of different hidden challenges faced by various companies. These challenges are prevailing in numerous industries. For example, inability of a company to expand to host country due to many non-tariff barriers, inability of a company to secure license/ approval to commence construction although it has purchased a plot of land in the host country. The list goes on and on which also touches on issues of human capital such as hiring ASEAN expatriates etc.

Thus, this project will be executed in order to close the gap. At PEMANDU, we believe by Doing, we learn how to transform quickly and effectively. The principle is businesses to lead, with the support of governments to pave the way. 3 drivers have been identified to make AEC happen which are Business-led, Results driven and Discipline of Action. Essentially, it is about solving ground level problems to show the way forward.

In Wave 1, 10 companies from 10 ASEAN Member States will be the pioneering 100 pathfinder companies. The composition of 10 local champions should also be a mix of 3 big players, 4 medium size entrepreneurs and 3 small size entrepreneurs. These companies should have proven track record, has clear ASEAN expansion strategy, sound financials, has capacity and capability for ASEAN expansion and has already started with some effort in ASEAN expansion.


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