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SME Corp. Malaysia has established a movement known as RISE in March 2014 to help people become “Resilient, Innovative and Successful Entrepreneurs” (RISE) who are financially up and coming. RISE aims to change the mindset of the people to inculcate entrepreneurial culture and to empower youth, women, micro-entrepreneurs and pre-startup individuals to start SMEs; provide the target markets with practical and immediate applicable skills that will grow the productivity of their SMEs; reach out to over 50,000 youth, women, micro-entrepreneurs and start-ups to build a brand and community around SME Corp. Malaysia that is youthful and attractive; as well as, to help the target markets understand and make use of the services provided by SME Corp. Malaysia, particularly through our One Referral Centre (ORC).

With these goals in mind, RISE is divided into 5 core initiatives namely RISE Online Community, RISE Talks, RISE Workshops, RISE Book Project and SparkSpace.

The RISE Online Community is a broad impact initiative to build an entrepreneurial community and content nationwide using social media. It is driven by the movement’s online presence, a regularly updated website and Facebook page highlighting articles on new ideas and developments relevant to youth, women and micro-entrepreneurship, as well as, video testimonials with Malaysians’ stories about engaging in entrepreneurship.

RISE Talks bring together entrepreneurial minded people and SMEs to share their experiences and gain practical knowledge that can be instantaneously used in their businesses. The focus is on peer-to-peer inspiration, partnership and learning rather than having a one-way speaker-audience talk.

The RISE Workshops are designed to convert non-entrepreneurs into entrepreneurs; teach existing entrepreneurs skills and techniques to optimise costs and increase profits; and practise market validation and pivoting to find product-market fit. Mentors will be assigned to each of the participants to reach out anytime they are in need.

The RISE Book Project is designed for the RISE community through business book discussions for entrepreneurs who do not have the time to read them. The book meet-ups summarises key relevant knowledge from the latest management and start-up books for youth by entrepreneurs.

Last but not least, SparkSpace is a community space initiative which makes SME Corp. Malaysia’s space (event area, conference and meeting rooms) available to host community meet-ups related to our mission, to extend our community reach and brand SME Corp. Malaysia as an open and collaborative organisation. Community groups that are interested to conduct their meet-up sessions at our space will be recruited, filtered and managed by the Tandemic team, our appointed agency handling the movement’s branding and events.

All in all, you may ask what is so captivating about RISE and its connection to us - consumers for businesses? Well, to put this in perspective, RISE is an intelligent and empowering platform that functions as a creative and innovative passport for youth, women, pre-startup individuals and entrepreneurs, enabling our SME communities at large with functional knowledge and the right atmosphere that is pragmatic for setting new benchmarks for business progress.

For new and existing entrepreneurs, do not miss the many interesting RISE talks scheduled for this year. Let’s meet and talk about the big plans that each of us have for 2015. Come explore the wealth of opportunities offered by RISE.

For more information on RISE, please contact us at 03-2775 6000 / 6352 or email to Alamat emel ini dilindungi dari Spambot. Anda perlu hidupkan JavaScript untuk melihatnya..


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