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SMALL IS THE NEW BIG - SME Corp. Malaysia organised SME Week 2013 for ‘Small Businesses with Big Ideas’ nationwide

fulfilling its role as the Central Coordinating Agency for SME development in
the country, SME Corp. Malaysia had organised SME Week 2013 on 24th
- 30th June nationwide in Kuala Lumpur and 12 states namely Negeri
Sembilan, Perlis, Penang, Kedah, Perak, Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Melaka,
Johor, Sabah and Sarawak.
The official launch of SME Week 2013 was held in Kuala Lumpur by Y.B. Datuk
Ir. Hj. Hamim Samuri, Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry. At the same time the
state-level launches were simultaneously held, including by the Menteri Besar
of Terengganu and Chief Minister of Sabah. A total of 123 programmes and
activities were organised throughout the SME Week, with the support of various related
Ministries and Agencies, State Governments, financial institutions, corporate
bodies, hypermarkets and industry associations who in one way or another
encouraged entrepreneurship and the development of SMEs.
The inaugural National SME Week was launched
by the Prime Minister of Malaysia in 2012 as an exclusive recognition of the
importance of SMEs as the backbone of the nation’s economy. Spearheaded by SME
Corp. Malaysia, it is an institutionalised annual event held nationwide in the
4th week of June each year, where all related Ministries and Agencies
align their SME programmes and activities throughout the week in support of the
In celebrating the active
contributions and capabilities of Malaysia’s SMEs, SME Week
provides a platform for promoting
awareness on SME products and services among the public; showcasing products and services from SMEs;
dissemination of information on and
related to SMEs and; and fostering
the culture of entrepreneurship. SME Week,
beyond its tangible objectives, is about celebrating the Spirit of
Entrepreneurship nationwide. It is about educating, empowering and encouraging
the big ideas behind small enterprises. It is about gaining traction from
multiple stakeholders, helping them appreciate the potential, as well as, the
value delivered by our critical mass of SMEs.
It is during this week that the entire nation 'eat, live and breathe'
SMEs!!! The whole entire SME Week is focused
towards creating greater visibility to consumers on the capabilities of
Malaysia’s very own SMEs, while at the same time dispelling the connotation
that our local products are of low quality with unattractive packaging and unreliable
This year,
SME Week 2013 incorporated an interesting cross-section of events ranging from SME Open Days, Pocket Talks,
Information Fiesta, 'Kiddopreneur', Business Advisory Services, Product Demos,
Product Showcases, Exhibitions, and Promotions including on Shariah Funds to
Pasar Tani Mega. The
campaign aimed to draw SMEs and the public at large to participate and benefit
from the available business assistance and support, as well as, business
advisory services, to help them establish and grow their businesses into
affluent enterprises.
The campaign had a most encouraging response from both the participating
SMEs and members of the public who had taken part and benefited from the
business assistance, support and advisory services, competitions that were made
available on-site to help SMEs to grow and transform their businesses into
wealth-creating enterprises.
It also provided a springboard to the majority of the business
establishments, which are the Micro Enterprises of the country as they position
and strategies themselves for greater success. Together with other Ministries
and Agencies, assistance was provided to the Micro Enterprises to gain new
confidence, acquire new skills of marketing and branding, and adopt new best
practices to promote public awareness on their commitment to deliver quality
and attractive products and services. SME Week 2013 had successfully met its objectives
as the Micro Enterprises found new grounds, new contacts and new linkages for
their business development and connectivity.
These micro-sized companies not only discovered their potentials, but
importantly recognized the Government’s sincerity to reach out and support them
to graduate into small and later medium-sized enterprises. Fostering a culture
of entrepreneurship, SME Week proved itself yet again as an effective and
efficient medium to educate, empower and encourage micro and small enterprises,
to aspire and evolve as future ‘game-changers’ of the nation.


Perbadanan Perusahaan Kecil dan Sederhana Malaysia
Tingkat 6, SME 1, Blok B 
Platinum Sentral
Jalan Stesen Sentral 2 
Kuala Lumpur Sentral
50470 Kuala Lumpur.

Talian Info: 1-300-30-6000
Talian Faks: 03-2775 6001

Emel: info[at]smecorp[dot]gov[dot]my


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